About Agrodealers Association


he mission of NADA is to complement agricultural production in Malawi through sustainable supply chain for agricultural inputs to both rural and urban areas and promotion of sustainable supply of quality and affordable inputs such as seeds, agro-chemicals, agricultural tools, implements and tools.

  • Legal and Business Infrastructure
  • Agrodealing vulnerable groups representation
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Technology Adoption of Agrodealers
  • Resource and Finance mobilization

Our Services

Business Consultation

By leveraging expert insights and strategic guidance, the agrodealers association aims to improve productivity, reduce costs, enhance customer service, and ultimately contribute to the sustainable development of agrodealers within the agricultural sector.

Secretariate to AGM

The agrodealers association is the implementing platform for agrodealers ideas and plans, as such it has a secretariate to implement all resolutions at the AGM.

Stakeholder Engagement

The Agrodealers Association is focused on creating a collaborative environment. The Association prioritises the growth of its members and partners as well as the success of their projects.

Complaints and Litigation

The Agrodealers Association is dedicated towards the legal integrity of its members as well as to defend its members on all platforms provided by the Law of Malawi and subsequent acts.


The agrodealers association provides certification for its members. This is evidence that the agrodealers association is bound to protect the interests of its members whenever they are dealing with third parties.


The agrodealers association actively sends out concept notes, project proposals and business proposals as mandated by the AGM and to further the interests of agrodealers.

Our Executive Team

G. Mnjengezulu


J. Kamanga

General Secretary

C. Gogoda


P. Mwazangati

Vice General Sectretary

P. Ngoma

North President

A.B. Mwale

Central President

S. Liphava

S. President

T. Lyton

Executive Member

B. Kamanga

Executive Sectretary

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